Brush Chipper

The new Brush Chipper has arrived and is now in service.



  1. Brush Is To Be Piled Neatly Next To Road, Not In Roadway
    Or In Ditch.
  1. Pile All Brush In Same Direction With Cut Ends Facing Toward
    The Road. Do Not Crisscross Limbs. Do Not Pile Logs, Stumps,
    Or Yard Debris On Pile.
  1. No Roots With Dirt On Them, Root Stumps Will Be Picked Up
    At A Later Date
  1. Absolutely, No Metal Or Other Garbage. ( No Weeds, Leaves
    Or Yard Rakings) The Pile Will Not Be Picked Up.
  1. Try Not To Cut Branches Into Small Pieces. The Longer The Better.
    If Branch Diameter Exceeds 8 Inches This Does Not Apply.
  1. Absolutely No Poison Ivy, Summac, Poison Oak, Thorns, Hog
    Weed Or Branches With Bees Nest Attached.
  1. No Lot Clearings.

Edward Michalski
Highway Superindent
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

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