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For residential purposes:

  • New construction of homes, garages, carports and other structures
  • Additions and alterations of buildings
  • Storage buildings or sheds 35 square feet or larger, including prefabricated buildings delivered to site
  • Decks and porches
  • Enclosing porches or decks
  • Extending roofs over decks and porches
  • Rebuilding, altering and structural renovations to any existing structure
  • Swimming pools above ground and in ground, including decks around pools
  • Installation of woodstoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, wood boilers and chimneys
  • Demolition and removal of buildings
  • Any type of structural repairs being made to an existing structure
  • All yard fences or replacement of existing fences with new
  • Repairs or replacement of the roof structure or covering materials


Commercial Purposes:

  • New construction
  • Most improvements, alterations, enlargements, repairs and change of tenants
  • Change of Occupancy
  • Repairs or replacement of the roof structure or covering materials
  • Demolition work on the interior or exterior of the building
  • All yard fencing or replacement of existing fencing with new
  • Replacement or installation of any accessory storage type structures
  • Signs, including temporary signs

No. We cannot recommend anyone to you. However, in some instances we can provide you a list of local contractors who maintain the proper insurance coverage's on file with the Town. Plumbers are required to be licensed with the Town. You should exercise due diligence and always request references from your contractor, and then check them out prior to signing anything.

In most cases, your identity will be protected under the Freedom of Information Law; however should a matter go to court the information could be divulged under a subpoena or discovery.

Yes. You may contact us anonymously but your complaint will not be regarded as "founded" in nature unless it is verified by the Code Enforcement Officer. Our experience suggests to us that anonymous complaints usually are not as credible as regular complaints. We will accept your anonymous report and it will be reviewed on a low priority basis. A file will only be opened if the complaint is independently confirmed by the Code Enforcement Officer. Additionally, if more information is required to conduct an investigation there would be no way to contact you.

Boundary disputes are personal legal matters and are not within the jurisdiction of the municipality (Note: Unless a municipal boundary is the subject of the problem). You should consult an attorney or your title company to assist you.

You should consult an attorney, as this is a private legal dispute and the municipality has no control or jurisdiction.

No. Only plumbers are required to be licensed, but all contractors are required to have the various phases of their work inspected throughout the construction process in order to ensure proper compliance with all aspects of the various Codes involved.

Absolutely. You should also request proof of insurance. In the event that your contractor cannot produce a plumber's license or proof of insurance please contact the Code Enforcement Office to report the contractor's name and other information that may be useful for enforcement purposes.

The Town regulations regarding construction-related noise prohibits a person, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the following day, to perform any construction or repair work of any kind. However, there are exceptions to this ordinance. For clarification, contact the Town of Evans Building Department at 716-549-5753

You may contact the Evans Police Department. Frequently, a police officer responding will be enough to address the matter. Should there be serious questions regarding the issue or if the matter is serious enough, the Police Dept. has emergency contact information for the Town Code Officials.

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