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FAQs - Tax Collection

Town and County Taxes are due on February 15th (next business day if due dates falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday).

School Taxes are due on October 15th (next business day if due dates falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday).

A postage meter postmark is NOT a postmark made by the United State Post Office and, therefore, is not within the provisions of Real Property Tax law, Section 925.  Payments canot be deemed timely because of a postage meter postmark date on an envelope containing tax payment (Op. State Compt. 69-170).

If taxes are not received until after the due date, they are not paid until after the due date unless they fall squarely within the provisions of section 925 of the Real Property Tax law and the penalty must be added and collected and no town employee or official can waive the penalty (Op. State Compt. 68-626).

Town and County taxes are turned over to Erie County on July 1st, School taxes are turned over to Erie County on December 1st. Payment must then be made to Erie County. Any School tax not paid by December 31st will be relevied to the following Town and County tax bill.

Yes! Partial payments are accepted in the office. Payments can be made in any amount and as often as desired as long as the tax bills are payable to this office. Penalty is added to the unpaid balance after the due date.

No, Partial payments can not be made online.

Tax bills are generally mailed out around the end of the second week of the month prior to the due date. Sometimes there are unforeseen situations that may delay the mailing of tax bills.

Contact the Town Clerk's Office immediately to confirm the mailing address is correct and that a bank has not requested your bill.

Yes! Per Erie County tax law 922.3: The failure to mail any such statement, or the failure of the addressee to receive the same, shall not in any way affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law with respect thereto.

Contact your bank immediately. Banks are required to request, in writing, all tax bills they are holding in escrow. They will give you instructions on how they want to handle it.

Cash or Check.
Credit  Cards are also accepted for payment at the Town Clerks office or through this website through the On-Line Tax Portal.        CONVENIENCE FEES will be applied to Credit Cards.
E-checks are also accepted for payment through this website through the Online-Tax Portal with a $1.00 CONVENIENCE FEE.

Lynn Krajacic, Town Clerk

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